Hand Stretch Film

Hand stretch film is mainly packed by hand, with hand held stretch film dispenser.Tensile 150%-450%, customised.

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Stretch film generally refers to heat shrink film, which is used for the sale and transport of a variety of products, and its main function is to stabilise, cover and protect the product. Shrink film must have high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and a certain shrinkage stress, in the shrinkage process, the film can not produce holes, as the shrink film is often applied to the outdoor, so it is necessary to add UV anti-ultraviolet agent.

Hand stretch film is mainly used for hand packing with handle(Handle Baler ).

  • 1、Hand held stretch film raw materials: 100% LLDPE, used for packing cartons, cardboard and other items, stretch rate is generally 150%-450%, can be customised.
  • 2、Hand saver stretch film conventional width: 450mm, 500mm. special specifications may be 300mm, 380mm, 400mm, can be customised.
  • 3、Hand-saver stretch film conventional thickness: 15mic, 17mic, 20mic, 23mic.
  • 4、Conventional length of hand stretch film: 200m, 300m, 305m, 457.5m, can be customised.
  • 5、 Hand stretch film paper tube requirements: 2 inch or 3 inch tube.
  • 6、Packing of hand stretch film: 1 roll in a plastic bag, 4 rolls/6 rolls in a carton, carton can be arranged in white and earthy brown colour, printing according to customer’s requirement.

Note: Hand stretch film MOQ 200 boxes


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