Jumbo Stretch Film

Jumbo stretch film are used for customers to buy back and re-roll into their desired width, customisable size.

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  • 1, Jumbo stretch film are used for customers to roll various sizes.
  • 2, The width of Jumbo roll stretch film is 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm can also be specified.
  • 3, Stretch film jumbo roll thickness can be 10mic-50mic.
  • 4, Stretch film jumbo roll manufacturer length can be customised, generally not more than 43KG.
  • 5, Jumbo stretch film paper tube must be 3 inches, the weight of the paper tube must be more than 1KG in order to support the weight of the mother roll.
  • 6, Jumbo stretch film packaging for 1 roll of both sides of the wrapped cardboard, 36 rolls put a cardboard.


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