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Machine stretch film is mainly used in semi-automatic and fully automatic stretching machines. It is suitable for various irregular loads.

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Stretch film generally refers to heat shrink film. Heat shrink film is used for the sale and transport of a wide range of products and its main function is to stabilise, cover and protect the product. Shrink film must have high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and certain shrinkage stress. During the shrinkage process, the film must not produce holes. Since shrink films are often applied outdoors, they need to incorporate UV anti-ultraviolet agents.

Machine stretch film is mainly used in semi-automatic and fully automatic stretching machines(Automatic Winding Film Baler). It is suitable for various irregular loads.

  1.  Stretch film wrapping machine raw material is 100% LLDPE, plus metallocene raw material, 40% metallocene stretch rate is generally 300%-600%, or even more, can be customised.
  2. Stretch film machine conventional width: 500mm, can be customised.
  3. Machine stretch wrap film conventional thickness: 20mic, 23mic, 25mic, 26mic, 30mic these thicknesses are more commonly used in machine film, if you do not know the specific thickness of the recommended 23mic.
  4. Colines stretch film machine conventional length: 1000m, 1500m, 2000m, etc., can be customised. The weight of machine film is more than 10KG.
  5. Automatic stretch film wrapping machine paper tube requirements: machine film due to the heavy and fast running machine packing, paper tube need to be heavy and quality preference. At least 1kg tube is needed. The size of the paper tube must be 3 inch tube for baler.
  6. Cast machine stretch film packaging: 1 rolled into a bag, 1 rolled into a box, cartons can be printed according to customer needs.

Note: Film stretching machine starting quantity 200 rolls.

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  1. levine

    This is a stretch film manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China, which produces high quality stretch film for machine use.

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