Pre-Stretch Film

The pre-stretch film has undergone a secondary process to allow the film to have no tensile strength, which is suitable for customers with high packaging requirements.

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  • 1, pre-stretch film used for hand packing cartons cardboard and other items, is after the secondary processing so that the film does not have any tension of a film, so the price will be more expensive than ordinary hand stretch film, suitable for packaging requirements of high customers.
  • 2, pre-stretch film width is generally 430MM, 380MM.
  • 3, pre-stretch film thickness is generally 8mic, 10mic, 12mic, the thickness of the above can not do pre-stretch film.
  • 4, The length of pre-stretch film is generally within 500M, specific according to the customer to provide.
  • 5, pre-stretch film paper tube can be used 2 inch and 3 inch, the weight is heavier than ordinary hand film.
  • 6, Pre-stretch film is packed in 4 rolls or 6 rolls per carton.

    Attention: Pre-stretch film MOQ 200 boxes.


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